What is tassa.li?

tassa.li is a mobile app that gives you the opportunity to freely ad anonymously report tax evasion.
Every time you don’t receive a regular receipt for goods and services you actually paid for, use tassa.li to let others know about that.

Why tassa.li?

Tax evasion is quite a big issue; it’s the reason why those who pay taxes have to pay so much.
If everybody paid taxes, then taxes would put such a lower strain on income! tassa.li is a project intended to sensitize public awareness of tax evasion.

Where does the name of the project come from?

Well, it’s very simple: tassali means make them pay taxes in Italian :)

Where can I get tassa.li?

tassa.li is a free application for iOS and Android devices, and is available to consumers in Italy through, respectively, the iTunes store and the Android market.

How much is tassa.li?

€ 0,00. tassa.li is available for free.

Are there any special requirements to use tassa.li?

All you need is a strong sense of integrity, a compatible iOS or Android device and a wireless connection (either WiFi or 3G).

How does tassa.li work?

Using tassa.li is very simple and straightforward. You can report that you were not given a receipt for something you paid for.
You will say how much you paid for and the kind of business (food, nightlife spots, shops, services) the tax dodger is into.
Then, your report will be given a GPS geo-localization.
The data we gather will be used to create a tax evasion map, showing the amount of money that has been dodged and where tax evasion is more frequent.
You can find this tax evasion map at www.tassa.li

How does privacy work?

We know that everyone has different levels of comfort with sharing and we’ve structured tassa.li experience accordingly.
Your name won’t be shown anywhere on the tax evasion map tassa.li builds, nor on the application and you won’t indicate the name of the tax dodger’s name.
Nobody will know you are using tassa.li unless you share your activity through facebook and twitter.
And even if you share, nobody will see in detail what you reported, as tassa.li will only publish on your facebook and/or twitter wall a basic post such as: "John A. has reported a tax evasion event through tassa.li – take a look at the tax evasion map".

Can I suggest a feature or report a bug?

Absolutely! If you think we can somehow improve tassa.li, drop us a line at [email protected] - we would definitely love to hear from you.